SCH3U Gr.11 Chemistry

Welcome to the course page for Gr.11 Chemistry. As the semester progresses, more information will be added.

General information

Unit 1: Trends, bonding, reactions

Unit 1 STSE outline and rubric for chemical compound information sheet.

Unit 2:

Unit 2 STSE outline, rubric for chemistry gone wrong, and rubric for soap-making.

Unit 3:

Unit 3 STSE outline and rubric.

Unit 2: Quantities in chemical reactions

Rubric for formal lab reports on I4.5.1 or I4.7.1.

Unit 2 STSE outline for “Chemistry gone wrong!” video/presentation (rubric) or Soap-making (rubric).

Unit 3: Solutions and solubility

Unit 3 STSE on water outline and rubric.


You may thank Cody Swaving for making a massive 12-page review. It may or may not be complete.