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Eagles Athletics

There are many different ways to use your God-given athletic abilities at Emmanuel Christian High School. The school is a part of District 4 under the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association (OFSAA), and as such we participate in regional league play against other high schools in all the sports listed above except for Hockey. Depending on the success the students have in the various leagues, they have the opportunity to work their way up until they play at the provincial level, against the best students Ontario has to offer. ECHS is also a part of the Great Lakes Hockey League (LHGL), a league that is independent of OFSAA, allowing for an opportunity to play a hockey season at a competitive level. Our school is a member of OCSSAA as well, an organization of 20 or so Christian Secondary schools in Ontario. This provides an additional tournament per year for our students in all the sports that we offer through league play, playing against Christian athletes from all over Ontario.