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The Guidance Teacher at ECHS regularly provides resources and information on post-secondary institutions, apprenticeship programs, bursaries and awards.

Grade 10 students receive their first formal guidance at ECHS with regard to post-secondary education and/or career paths through the Career Course (GLC20), a 0.5 credit course all students must take to fulfill the requirement of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

In Grade 11 the guidance teacher will spend one-on-one time with each student in the Guidance Office during semester 2. The purpose of this consultation is to begin assisting and supporting the student in thinking about possible post-secondary studies and career pathways and the requirements to get there.

In Grade 12, the students have another one-on-one consultation with the Guidance Teacher during semester 1. The purpose of this session is to answer any final questions the student might have and to help prepare the students for post-secondary applications which typically occur in December and January of their Grade 12 year.