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Student Emotional Support

ECHS actively supports the learning of all students, recognizing that each student is a covenant child of God, and has been created with a unique character, as well as gifts and talents, to be developed and used to bring praise to God as the giver of these gifts. In the classroom and through school activities and assemblies, we strive to create a culture of belonging to bring students the awareness that God’s love is deep and wide.

We also acknowledge that pain and suffering, as well as challenges to students’ health and well-being, are consequences of living in a broken world. When students experience emotional or psychological distress, trauma, or cumulative harm, it will impact their schooling.

The SES committee, in collaboration with the SES team, administration, and teachers, coordinates small- and large-group workshops, assemblies, and evening presentations on topics related to students’ mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

At ECHS we believe our Christian faith and spirituality are important resources for healing and change and our Student Emotional Support is based on Biblical principles. Our support for students is structured in 3 tiers from peer support in education, formalized emotional support for individual students to professional counseling. Professional help is only available after both the 1st and 2nd tier have been utilized and deemed not enough for a student. This counseling is available only with parental consent and can (partly) be funded by parents/church/membership.

It is important to acknowledge that Student Emotional Support coaches are not licensed counselors nor is counseling our main purpose at ECHS.